Intruder/ Mantis Creature

The music which I create, from the onset in 2017, was based on thoughts of music in a post-apocalyptic world. It is from a world which was ravaged by a human created disease, and its population consists of small groups, or tribes of people who huddled together to survive, with little to no contact between the grouped because of fear of disease; especially the disease which killed most of person-kind. 

For several generations’ people avoided cities, where the most mass deaths occurred. The cities were not even looted and their resources, electricity, products, all sat unused. Some deteriorated with age, some did not. 

Eventually, after several hundreds of years, adventurous youths, girls and boys, began to explore the cities, and discover their wonders; these wonders being mysterious and their function and the laws that created them (laws of physics, laws of composition and structure, laws of classical creativity of the arts) had all been forgotten and left behind in the past. 

Immediately after the apocalyptic disease had decimated person kind, learning and knowledge had been greatly curtailed because of fear of what it had created; the Disease. 

In interning the cities a group of girls and boys discovered an odd building, which had been protected from the ravages of time by its robotic support systems, and inside were many strange devices, and electricity. It was a business which had sold electronic musical instruments. 

One of the girls had enough courage to "fool" with one of these instruments, which was called a synth but none of them knew this because they could not read (reading seemed to be a way to sow destruction). So the word synth was just a strange "drawering" (which is what the word drawing had devolved into). 

The girl explored the instrument, accidentally turned it on, and played a note. It was middle C. All of the girls and boys cowered in the and ran towards the door when the first musical note was played, but stopped short seeing the brave girl was not harmed, and because of the seductive sound of the note. 

As girl explored the synthesizer twisting nobs, pushing buttons girl found all of these different notes and textural sounds. Girl was like a musical Columbus, discovering something which had existed for thousands of years, but unknown for hundreds of years. So girl was the "first musician" and the girl returned to the store often developing a way of playing songs which had qualities resembling the singing of birds, such as repetition of patters of sound. 

These were some of the thoughts which evolved in my mind and helped to determine the structure and content of my music. I was especially influenced by the tribe of children in Thunder Dome, I Am Legend, and A Boy and his Dog by Harlan Ellison, as well as others. 

My music is Post-Apocalyptic Pop, Apopalyptic.