Saturn Fish

Byron Lacy

What I love about electronic music is you can control everything about a single note. Resonance, attack, decay, sustain, release: this makes each note as important as the entire song. All songs are performed on synths, no loops. Exploration.

Music is a food of impressions. I want to provide new impressions, so I want my music to be different. Sometimes I will use something that is more of a noise than musical notes, to achieve the same purpose the notes would fill, such as moving the melody line up or down. From time to time I will also use percussion sounds and purposely make them out of sync with the rhythm of the song. I have found that when this is done the percussion/drums have to be listened to for their sound, not for the qualities of keeping rhythm. Some of the things I do are often construed as mistakes by mainstream music professionals, but some people actually get what I am doing, and they love it. My music has many of the properties of a Jazz performance. I am a musical explorer. I try to find unusual tonal combinations, and to play phrases in a different way. I never know what I am going to do when I go in the studio. I pick out my drums first and lay down the rhythm track, and then everything grows from that. The rhythm track adds order to the song, and this allows me to be as free with the rest of the instrumentation as I want to be. I have used two different rhythm tracks in a song, at the same time, to create an unusual effect. The entire song will follow one rhythm track, while the other track is used as a sort of sound effect. I try and discover what music is, and what it can be.
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