We Are Not Alone

Byron Lacy

Byron Lacy/Alien Abductee's music is dynamic and uplifting, and provides new musical impressions to feed upon. The music is inspired by Trap Music, and also Alien music heard by the artist during an abduction experiance.

Aliens have abducted me since 1955, when I was five years old. You can Google my name and will find internet radio interviews about me and my experiances. Many of them have been very strange by human standards, including them saving my life eight or more times. It was one of my experiances, in November of 2011, which led to me working with synthesizers and recording music. I meditate to a CD with an entrainment track hidden under random sounds and it puts you in a deep trance. I was also concentrating on one tone in my tinnitus (which I have had all of my life) which was, for some reason, a lot louder than all the rest of the tones. I have used this CD for 5 years. I know the CD fairly well, but because the music on it is all random, after all of these years I still do not know exactly what will come next. However I was familiar with the CD enough to realize that what was playing was something completely different from the usual. I was proud of myself because I wasn't naive about what was going on this time. It was the alins. I wasn't even in a deep trance yet and the music was like what it would sound if an orchestra and synthesizers were playing ordered mathematically correct music, yet it was all random music at the same time, so this was beautiful abstract music; no melody, no repetition of any phrase, but still beautiful and so complex. I really don't do it service. There were all the instruments and all the sections of an orchestra, which are NOT on the CD which is all computer synthesizer sounds, which was not what I was hearing.

I knew I was also "supposed" to listen to the tinnitus waveform in my head, so I did. It is really amazing to me how they can let me know they want me to do something without talking to me directly. Then I wasn't aware of my breath, my heart, my body, no phosphines in my vision, NOTHING. I felt disembodied. It didn’t start out as a light trance and then progress to a deeper trance. I went from no meditative state to complete disassociation with my brain/body. I started to feel a surge of claustrophobia rising in me but I managed to dispose of it. I figured I was not really trapped because I had chosen to meditate and I was determined to see what would happen next. Immediately, the music got more intense and then it faded into a voice chanting. The voice was like nothing I had ever heard before and neither were the words. It was very deep and sounded as if it came from something shaped like a very large being, an elephant, Buddha, and a giant beetle all rolled into one. It seemed to be of a dark color and was very textured. I could not see it but those were the impressions that flooded through my consciousness. The voice was deep and it sounded like a computer voice in some ways, but wasn't. It was raspy, yet very strong and it seemed to actually occupy space. It was not pleasant or unpleasant and not benevolent or malevolent sounding, but very focused. It also had qualities of a didgeridoo, especially the way that instrument’s start and end sounds. The words I had never heard and do not know what they meant. They did NOT sound like nonsense. No earthly accent. It made me go deeper. I felt as if I was a NON-MOVING explosion of light; an explosion that was not exploding. Then I felt my solar plexus and it seemed someone was fiddling with some controls there which were probably inducing the trance. I think I was experiencing my energy body or the astral body. Then it was all gone. I was in my bed, the CD was back to normal, and I felt great. I was definitely stunned and in awe of the entire experience. My music does have a heavy rythem line which the alien music did not have, but I felt it gave the songs more structure, and saved them from being just randon sounds. I also love Trap music and Dub Step, and these along with my memory of the alien music, have been the most major influences on my songs.

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